Who we are

In short: we’re the most affordable hydroponics supplier in the UK. 

Professional, high-quality equipment keeps running costs down, produces higher yields in less time, and is largely better for the environment. But we understand just how hard it can be to afford these from the get-go. 


We provide cheap, quality hydroponics equipment that gives our clients choice over the way they grow. We’ve gathered a team of experts and their favourite products to teach you how best to suit your garden’s needs. 

What we offer 

Each product on our online store is chosen for its premium quality and industry-leading performance. You’ll find grow lights, grow tents, nutrients, fertilisers, pest control, and tools to build your self-sustaining reservoir, tank, or hydroponic system. Our great prices make us the cheapest hydroponics UK retailer. 

Our journey 

GrowersHouse knows that bringing people together is the surest way to adapt to our changing world. 

If you’re starting small, we’ll teach you the basics. Just check out our blog! Once you understand the invisible processes going on in your plants, it’s so much easier to use them to your advantage. Optimising your equipment will become second nature. 

If you’re more experienced, maybe you’re looking to practice quality control. We’ll help you fine-tune your process so that you can be the one people turn to for superior results.

Backed by a team of specialists, we’re constantly looking for ways to bring our expertise to a wider community than anyone else on the market. 

We’re so excited to share our vision of sustainable, affordable, and fun hydroponics tools to help you grow.