GrowersHouse Commercial Hydroponics

We work with skilled professionals in the hydroponic sector to make everyday business run smoothly. Plants don’t grow on a 9-5, so there’s always work to do!

Our Commercial team is here to streamline your services and take the weight off never-ending admin. We listen to pharmaceutical companies, agriculture firms, hemp producers, and CBD producers and come up with a tailored schedule to ensure you always have what you need just as you need it. 

Pre-purchase your essential supplies and have them delivered automatically as you run low. We’ll recommend the most efficient hydroponics equipment for you, dependent on your company size, timeframe, and budget. 

You’ll also receive commercial-scale discounts on top of our competitive prices; we’re the cheapest online hydroponics UK retailer. 

GrowersHouse’s commercial services can provide you with: 

  • A dedicated representative who’ll provide advice based on your company;
  • Automatic replenishment of your tools;
  • Supply chain monitoring to keep you ahead of the curve;
  • Extensive product knowledge;
  • Large-scale discounts;
  • A competitive range of high-quality hydroponics supplies, nutrients, growing media, and irrigation equipment. 

We’re proud to help agricultural, horticultural, and pharmaceutical companies save time and money so that they can focus on growing at their highest quality. 

Sign up today, or contact us to learn more.