Introducing: Method Seven Horticultural Eyewear

Grow indoors, in style. We’re proud to feature the Method Seven range of performance eyewear for horticulturalists.

Who is Method Seven? 

Method Seven is a premium eyewear brand designed to protect your vision in the most testing conditions. They offer high-quality mineral glass eyewear, created by top Italian, German, and Japanese optic engineers and in partnership with Carl Zeiss Vision. 

Grow lights used in horticulture can be harsh on the eyes, often containing a smaller spectrum than we would experience in natural light. 

The human eye needs broad-spectrum light to properly focus and recognise shapes and colours. Prolonged time with your plants may be contributing to eye strain and headaches in the short term, as well as potentially even more dangerous consequences if you’re working in certain frequencies. Excessive UV exposure is hugely detrimental to the eyes. It does what sunburn does to your skin, and over time can put you at increased risk for eye cancers and vision loss.

On top of this, poor vision in your grow room is a potential threat to plants. If your eyes can’t comprehend the frequencies they’re working in, they’re far less likely to identify hard-to-spot pests and signs of disease. 

Why not wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses might seem like the obvious option, but standard pairs do little to protect against grow room frequencies. They may dim the light, but wearers won’t be fully protected against the specific conditions of horticultural equipment. 

Also, many growers report hazy or distorted vision when wearing standard sunglasses or cheaper models of grow room glasses. This is because manufacturers use plastic to attempt to correct the colour differences. What works for a beach holiday won’t work for a grow room, and low-quality materials will only contribute to ill eye health over time. That said, it’s not easy to buy grow glasses that offer top quality in all areas. 

Method 7 uses premium mineral glass in all of their lenses. They won’t settle for anything less than crystal clear vision and total eye safety, since all M7 lenses give full protection against UVA, UVB, and even powerful UVC rays. 

They remove the stroboscopic effect often experienced when working under HPS and Metal Halide lights. What’s more, mineral glass’ high resistance to scratches means both you and your glasses will be protected should there be any accidents in the grow room. 

Protection against six types of light

Not all grow lights are created equal. M7 has specially crafted a range for six different types of horticultural lighting. They’ll provide tailored defence in:

  • HPS;
  • Full-spectrum LED;
  • Blue-purple (“blurple”) LED;
  • CMH / LEC;
  • Metal Halide;

as well as premium eyewear for general sunlight. 

Let’s take a look at the most common types of grow light and see how M7 corrects and protects your vision: 

Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights provide red spectrum or blue spectrum light, since these are the points at which photosynthesis is most efficient. They’re one of the most popular and cost-efficient choices for indoor growers today. 

Plants absorb these spectra most when growing and so they’re a popular choice for the vegetative and flowering stages. This spectrum is different to the sunlight we’re used to (made up of greens, oranges, and yellows). 

LEDs also emit UVA, UVB, and UVC rays which are particularly harmful to our bodies. UVA and UVB rays are the reason we wear suncream outside. UVC rays are the strongest and are usually absorbed by the Earth’s ozone layer before they can reach us - so growers must take maximum precaution when working in these conditions.

All of Method Seven’s eyewear protects against UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Their full-spectrum LED range also protects against infrared, and their blurple LED collection is the first range of eyewear designed for blue and purple (or magenta) spectrum light. 

High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights have been a common choice for decades. They’re cheaper to buy than LEDs and emit large amounts of light and heat. 

HPS lights produce an intense yellow light (like street lamps) which is difficult for the human eye to process. Working under these lights causes your eyes to take in more light than it needs, which leads to eye strain, dry eyes, headaches, and dizziness. In the long run, you could potentially cause permanent damage to your vision. 

Method Seven has developed a range especially for HPS lights, designed to correct yellowing and reduce the intensity of these conditions. Unlike plastic lenses, they don’t compromise on clarity: you’ll always have perfect vision with no distortion. As with all M7 eyewear, they offer 100% protection against UV rays


Cultivate your style

Method Seven is committed to making the most premium and protective horticultural eyewear - but a cool design doesn’t hurt, too. Try their tortoiseshell Lennox for a vintage feel, or the effortless, time-transcending Aviator. 

Their most popular styles come designed for all grow light frequencies and all ways of wearing. Already need glasses? The clip-on models attach to your prescription eyewear. 

With indoor growing comes a lot of movement - watering plants; mixing nutrients; changing hydroponic reservoirs - and so you might find the wraparound design a must-have for keeping everything in place. 

All designs are unisex. However, for maximum comfort, there’s a variety of styles suited to smaller faces.


Premium eyewear, everywhere

First-rate equipment might sound like the most important aspect of working in a grow tent, greenhouse, or hydroponic system. And it is! But that equipment also involves taking care of your vision in the same way that you routinely check your plants.

Method Seven knows the importance of eye health and is dedicated to making horticultural eyewear stylish and accessible to all. Faultless colour, comfort, and clarity have never been easier.